Unconventionally Chic Metal Formed Jewelry

Textured Flat Collection Medium Length #880-1A

It’s all about surface texture and shape with the contrast of simple elegant beads.

The warm tone of nugold metal is specially formulated for jewelry to complement every skin tone. Torching brings out the lovely copper tones. The earrings are highlighted with selectively chosen beads. You can select your own color of beads too if you want!

Nugold: A modern metal of brass alloy 85% copper/15% zinc resembling gold. Copper also used. Each piece is individually coated with micro-crystalline Renaissance Wax.

Length: Medium 2.5 - 3.5cm (1 - 1 3/8”). Ear wires: sterling silver or tarnish resistant brass. #880-1A Metal Earrings $45.00

1) Place the order by selecting add to cart button. In the comment box, state your choice: Example: top row, 2nd from left. I will email you a photo of your earrings before sending for approval as I will create a pair similar to your choice for already sold items. You could select your color of beads this way! Allow 10-20 days delivery from date of placing order.

2) Full guarantee if not satisfied. See purchase info page for details.